Caught in Trauma. 2 Days, 3 Films

Caught in Trauma. 2 Days, 3 Films


In this workshop presented by the Vienna Psyc­hoa­na­lytic Academy we will examine expe­riences of being caught in indi­vi­dual and/ or collec­tive trauma. Diffe­rent ways of dealing with trauma will become appa­rent in the diffe­rent artistic expres­sions of the films shown during the workshop. How do trau­matic expe­riences of war and displace­ment continue to work in the unconscious?


The three films consider various geographic areas and periods of trau­ma­ti­sing events. To tie in with the EPF-Congress 2020 theme Reali­ties, films were selected with a focus on Europe.


Discus­sants: Ermin Bravo, Thomas Jung, Tjark Kunstreich, Stanislav Matačić


The workshop is also the kick-off for the seminar Caught in Trauma. 7 films, 2 semes­ters (Im Trauma gefangen. 7 Filme, 2 Semester).


Regi­stra­tion fee: 180,00 Euro.


For more infor­ma­tion or the list of selected films and for online regi­stra­tion follow this link:


This workshop is open to the public.


We look forward to seeing you in Vienna,


Thomas Jung (Vienna Psyc­hoa­na­lytic Associa­tion — IPA)

Tjark Kunstreich (Vienna Psyc­hoa­na­lytic Society — IPA)